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Les Pépitos et Leur Ensemble
August 1, 2021, 5:36 am
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Bada Badounnba Oh ! Ya

This is one of those records where you have to wonder, did the guitarist show up for the wrong recording session? Or did the guy they were going to have play guitar not show up, and they grabbed someone else at the last minute. Who knows? But records like this is what I live for.

Les Pépitos – also seen listed as Pépitos Sound – recorded a total of nine singles. With the exception on one recorded for Disques Capricorne of Mauritius – the rest were for Disques Issa. Another song off this single – “B. B. Gasy” – was featured on Strut‘s compilation entitled Alefa Madagascar.

Catalog number 15014 on Disques Issa of Saint-Denis, Réunion. No release date listed.

Vilma Valera
July 25, 2021, 3:55 am
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I Got You (I Feel Good)

Vilma Valera‘s career started off with being the second runner-up winner in the 1961 Miss Press Photography of the Philippines pageant. The following year, she was discovered by Alfonso Carvajal and had a role in the film Bakit Ka Nagtampo? Her biggest role was in 1964 in the movie, Salambao with Eddie Rodriguez, Sylvia Gumabao and Van de León. Besides acting, she recorded a handful of singles – all of which were covers of American songs. This James Brown cover was included in the soundtrack to the film Boogaloo.

Catalog number JRS-2051 on Jonal Records of the Philippines. Released 1968.

هاني مهنى
July 18, 2021, 5:37 am
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Rawaeaa El Mossika 15

Ala Waraq Solefan

Hany Mehanna – also seen spelled: Hani Mahani, Hani Mehanna, Hani Mhana, Hani Mhanna, Hanni Mehanna and Hani Muhanna – is an Egyptian composer, organist and a player of the accordion. He is also a producer and in 1977 he established his own record company, – Golden Cassette for Art Production. In 1988 he established his own studio, Golden Sound Studios in Cairo.

These two songs are from the soundtrack to the 1973 film titled الدوامه / Al Dawama – which translates to The Whirlpool. The song titles are not listed on the single, but these songs appeared on other releases by Hany Mehana. “Rawaeaa El Mossika 15”  was on his cassette entitled Rawaeaa El Mossika Part One and “Ala Waraq Solefan” was on Rawaeaa El Mossika Part Two. The B side is “بدوية” / “Badaouiah” and can also be found on the recently reissued The Miracles Of The Seven Dances.

Catalog number 31-74146 / ٧٤١٤٦-٣١ on Sout El Hob of Cairo, Egypt, released 1974

Nalino Nel
July 11, 2021, 6:21 am
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Girls in Ladies Bus

The pop music of Sri Lanka is unlike anything heard on Earth. Whereas you can hear influences from neighboring India, there are many other cultures that have left their mark.

Probably the best – if not only – compilation of the music of that country would be Akuphone‘s “Sri Lanka : The Golden Era of Sinhalese & Tamil Folk-pop Music“. That compilation contains the title track from the lone single recorded by Nalino Nel: “Gavaskar The Century Maker“.

I have not been able to find any further information about Nalino Nel. If you have any information, please leave it in the comments below.

Catalog number 2296 – 0399 on Inreco of Kolkata, India. Released 1979.

The Fabulous Falcons
July 4, 2021, 6:38 am
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Midnight Express

Way back in 2015 or 2016, before I started collecting the records that would eventually spawn the blog you are reading at his very moment, I used to trade CD-Rs with people all over the planet. There was a guy in Japan who had a GeoCities website that focused on singles from Southeast Asia. I believe his name was Yoshi. Unfortunately, in the intervening years I have lost his information. But this song was the first track on a CD-R he gave me. I spent years tracking down this single.

The Fabulous Falcons were from Ipoh – not to be confused with The Falcons (K. L.) from Kuala Lumpur. This is The Fabulous Falcons first single. They released one other instrumental single and they recorded two singles with Les Lee on vocals and one with Rubia Lubis on vocals.

Catalog number EE-001 on Tigerphone of Malaysia, released 1965.

Adam’s Apple
June 27, 2021, 7:14 am
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See Sane

Another one of those killer Polydor singles from Ghana.

Martin Luther Owusu was the band leader, songwriter and bassist for Adam’s Apple. While not always the lead singer, he provided the lead vocals for this song. Owusu was from the coastal city of Tema, 25 km east of Accra. Adam’s Apple recorded three singles for Polydor and two for Coret Records.

Catalog number PLD 2080114 on Polydor of Ghana. No other information available.

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Bekakchi Khier
June 20, 2021, 5:37 am
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Ouine M’Hamelni Ya Lasmar

The person who sold this record to me said it was Raï. It’s from Algeria and sounds like Raï, right? But no. It’s Staifi.

Raï music started in western Algeria – most notably in Oran, as well as surrounding cities of Sidi Bel Abbès and Aïn Temouchent. Staifi music originated from eastern Algeria – primarily Sétif and other cities in the region like Annaba, Guelma and Tebessa.

Bekakchi Khier – also seen as Bekakchi El Khier – is from Sétif. He is apparently still active. Here is a performance from Algerian television from November 2020. Also, someone has uploaded a few of his more recent releases to SoundCloud.

Many thanks to Loïc Guillaume of Phono Mundial and “the Algerian guys working on the bathroom of the flat” for the help with this post.

Catalog number HL 46 on EtHerLux of Setif, Algeria. No release date listed.

Pankaj Bose
June 13, 2021, 6:18 am
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Rote Hue

Ye Mera Dil

While the Hawaiian steel guitar is the most prevalent when it comes to Bollywood covers, the “mouth organ” – or harmonica – is probably the second most common. I have seen a few records by other artists – such as Milon Gupta, Madan Kumar, and Saikat Mukherjee – but this is the only one I’ve ever seen by Pankaj Bose.

Other than steel guitar and harmonica, there are plenty of other instruments that have been featured on records of Bollywood covers: accordion – electric and acoustic, clarinet, clavioline, electric bass guitar, electric organ, mandolin – electric and acoustic, saxophone – alto and soprano, Spanish Electric guitar, synthesizer, violin – electric and acoustic, and whistling.

Catalog number KDEP 2101 on Kohinoor Record Co. of Calcutta (now Kolkata). No release date listed.

บุปผา สายชล
June 6, 2021, 4:48 am
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This was supposed to be the next record… But for some reason, I never posted it. This has been sitting in draft folder for over eight years. Just sitting there…

Buppha Saichon was an actress and recording artist from Thailand. 

You may recognize the first song. Although the name translates to “The Guardian”, it was given the title “Satan’s Nightmare” on the first Thai Beat A Go-Go compilation. That version was recorder by her husband Sripai Jaipra but miscredited as Paiboon – most likely songwriter Paiboon Butakhan.

Besides being included in just about every Thai music series – Sublime Frequencies‘ “Thai Pop Spectacular“, Subliminal Sounds‘ “Thai Beat A Go-Go Volume 3” and both of ZudRangMa “Thai Funk” compilations – you can also find more of her music at Monrakplengthai.

Catalog number KTE-069 on Supanahong Records of Thailand. No further information available.

Baba Kienou
June 1, 2021, 5:10 pm
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Aladji Kanassoe

Now, where was I?

When I was invited to DJ at the Sublime Frequencies 15th anniversary shindig back in 2018, I started buying records again after a very long hiatus. At first, it was just a few here and there. Then, a few more… Before I knew it, I was back at it harder than ever. Eventually it dawned on me that I should start posting again. 

So much has changed during the last few years… First of which is the proliferation of Discogs. More addictive than crack for an OCD completeist like myself. I used to not know that an artist had three or four other singles. And that ignorance was bliss. But now I know! I know that they have those other releases – AND I NOW MUST SPEND EVERY WAKING MOMENT OBSESSING OVER TRACKING DOWN THOSE RECORDS.

Another thing that has changed is all of the amazing music blogs that have fallen by the wayside. Far East Audio? Gone. Psyche Van Het Folk? Gone. Quartertone Fusion? Gone. Voodoo Funk? Gone. Those blogs were the main source of information for many of my posts. The death of Adobe Flash player has rendered a few blogs like Waxidermy obsolete. YouTube has taken over. Instead of writing a post, just make a video. It really is mind boggling just how much music you can find there. But, there are a few other blogs out there that are still alive and kicking like Excavated Shellac and Monrakplengthai.

As for Baba Kienou… I got nothing. The only other copy of this single I’ve ever seen, I lost out on eBay about a decade ago. I saved the 39 second audio clip that was posted with the listing and it has been bouncing around in the back of my brain ever since. But I was finally able to track down a copy. And now I revel in thought that it’s going to be stuck in your brain as well. THAT is why I decided to come back.

Catalog number SHA 001 on Shakara Music of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire in 1979.