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Bovic & Orchestre Vévé
June 19, 2008, 5:30 pm
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Orchestre Vévé was founded in Léopoldville, Zaïre by Verckys Kiamuangana Mateta after he left Franco & OK Jazz in 1969. Now, Léopoldville is known as Kinshasa and Zaïre is called the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Verckys Kiamuangana Mateta he was mostly known for playing the saxophone, but he also played guitar and organ. He owned a recording studio and established his own production company as well as a record label.

This song was originally by Shocking Blue who were from Holland, and it was later made famous by Bananarama in the Eighties. As far as I can tell, this is the only song that Orchestre Vévé recorded with Bovic (a.k.a. Bovick Ye Bondo) on vocals. I do know that Bovic did record two songs with Docteur Nico & L’Orchestre African Fiesta

I stumbled across an article (which I am unable to find now) that said Orchestre Vévé were going to reunite and record a new album in 2003, but have yet to find any other information to support that story.

Catalog number 90.465 on African Records of France, originally issued on Vévé records of Zaïre (catalog number 37) in 1970.


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Bovic also recorded the song Reste avec moi with Veve.

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