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Đức Minh / Thanh Vū, Hôʼng Phủc & Phượg Bắʼng
June 19, 2008, 5:34 pm
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Đức Minh • Saigon Thứ Bẩy

Thanh Vū, Hôʼng Phủc & Phượg Bắʼng • Tīnh Yêu Trên Đại Dượng

Records from Vietnam are rare, at best. I have been unable to find hardly any information about music (outside of traditional folk music) in that country before the Eighties. Here is what little information I have been able to find about records such as this one: “Records of this nature were outlawed within days of the fall of Saigon, and most were either destroyed by the Communists or, interestingly, destroyed by their owners who did not want the communists to have them.”

These songs fall a bit more into the Easy Listening or Lounge category, but the use of reverb on both tracks is quite interesting. Also this record came out in 1966, which was one year after the U.S. troops arrived in Vietnam.

If you have any information, please contact me.

Catalog number S.N.1009 / 2177 on Sōng Hnac of Vietnam.



You can find collections of Vietnamese 60s music – tame, not garage, at

good luck!

Comment by Yu Sareba

ps. the collections are called Song Nhac. You might try googling that as well.

Comment by Yu Sareba

The music directors of Sóng Nhạc records were a trio of composers named Anh Bằng, Lê Dinh and Minh Kỳ. “Sài Gòn thứ bảy” (Saturday Saigon) is attributed to Vũ Chương – a pseudonym for the three of them. “Tình yêu trên đại dương” (Love on the Open Seas) is attributed to Dạ Ly Vũ – another pseudonym. This recording must date from 1967.

Comment by tây bụi

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