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Eddie Petrosian
June 19, 2008, 8:15 pm
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Ara Vay Vay

Eddie Petrosian was from Armenia, or at least of Armenian decent.

There are not that many records from Armenian other than the tradtional classical and / or folk music. This is mainly due to the fact that Armenia was part of the Soviet Union until 1991. And what little pop music that was recorded there was recorded in Russian.

Armenia had a strong influence on the Ethiopian music scene. Most of the state sanctioned bands were comprised of Armenian refugees who had been invited by Emperor Haile Selassie during the Armenian Genocide. But many others left soon after, and setteled in other countries.

Many popular musicans from around the world are of Armenian descent. Most notable being Sylvie Vartan and Charles Aznavour who were popular in France, Adiss Harmandyan who moved to neighboring Turkey, and Cherilyn Sarkisian (better known as Cher)…

I was unable to find any information on Eddie Petrosian. But since the record was released by Parseghian Record Studio of California, it’s most likely that this was recorded in the United States. I did find some information about the producer Albert Armen, who has recorded numerous of his own albums and is currently a music teacher in Southern California. And the record label Parseghian Record Studio, is now know as is the “largest producers and distributors of Armenian music in the world”. They have been in business since 1948.

If you have any information, please contact me.

Released by Parseghian Record Studio of California. There is no catalog number or release date listed.


Since the initial posting, I have been contacted by friends of Eddie Petrosian – a.k.a. Ed Petros. And though he is of Armenian descent, he was born in America. He has worked as a Building Inspector in Costa Mesa, California since 1986. Eddie is also an avid, amateur wine maker. He is an active member of the Orange County Wine Society (OCWS). He specializes in cabernets and is doing very well. He bottles as “Petros Vineyards.”

Thanks to Dashiell Morgan for the additional information.


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I know Eddie. His 60th birhday celebration will be on Jan.23rd 2012. He lives in Orange County with his wife Carla and Shady(dog)!
We love his wine and looking forward to pop lots of PV wines on 23rd!

Comment by His sister in-law!

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