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June 19, 2008, 2:19 pm
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Gadis Sekolah

The Impianbateks were not from the Middle East, as the cover may have led you to believe… They were actually from Singapore.

Arabic culture has a large influence on the cultures of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. 

I tried translating this using an online Malay to English translator, but didn’t get very far before I threw in the towel. I do know that this band is comprised of what was previously two bands: D’Impians and The Bateks. I have seen one other single by them, but it was not in Arabic.

Here are the liner notes, for those of you who know Malay…

Sunggohpun lagu2 “The Bateks” sering kedengaran di-udara, ahli2-nya sudah berpisah di-sebabken oleh sa-suatu yang tidak dapat di-elakkan. Tetapi dengan ada-nya, semangat seni di-sanubari dua daripada ahli nya, mereka menyesuikan diri mereka dengan kumpulan “D’Impians” yang mempunyai chiptaan-chiptaan lagu dan gaya menyanyi tersendiri. Pada awal’tahun ini tertubohlah suatu pancharagam. Yang di-beri nama “Impianbateks”.

If you can make heads or tails of that, let me know… Also, If you have any information, please contact me.

Catalog number CEP 3005 on Cosdel Records of Singapore. No release date listed.



Hi Stuart,
I love this song – a real grower.
I found another EP (on Panda Records) here:

Comment by pfft

I got a Indonesian friend to translate the liner-notes:

even though their songs can still be heard in the airwaves, “The Bateks” have separated because of unavoidable circumstances. But through mutual desires of its two members to continue making music, “D’Impians” was born, with its own songs and singing styles.

Earlier this year, an orchestra called “Impianbateks” was formed.

Comment by gojira2012

The writing that looks like Arabic on the cover would most likely be what is called Jawi, Arabic script modified for the writing of Malay. It is very common in Malaysia and even newspapers are printed using it, but it is only seen in historic documents in Indonesia.

Comment by Steve

Singapore band actually.

Comment by Joseph Clement Pereira

Thanks Joseph.

I’ve updated this post.

I wrote that a long time ago – before I went to Singapore.

Comment by Radiodiffusion

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