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Mignonne & The Jetliners
June 19, 2008, 8:17 pm
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Jéévithé Vasanthayé

Mignonne & The Jetliners are from Sri Lanka, which is also known as Ceylon.

Mignonne Fernando first appeared onto the Sri Lankan music scene in 1963 when as Mignonne Rutnam she won a song contest on Radio Ceylon. The radio station is one of the oldest broadcasting institutions in South Asia.

Vernon Corea, who was a popular disc jockey in Colombo, Sri Lanka, introduced Mignonne to The Jetliners in 1965. Later, he would go on to play their music on his popular radio program on BBC Radio London called ‘London Sounds Eastern‘ in the 1970s and 1980s.

In 1980, Mignonne and The Jetliners began a 17 year contract to play The Regent Hotel in Hong Kong. And in 2003 when Mignonne Fernando released her first CD titled ‘A Celebration of Life.’ They still perform in and around South Asia, Australia and supposedly some dates in the United States in 2006.

This is the only song I have been able to find by them (so far) that is actually in Sinhalese. I’m also guessing that this is from the mid-Seventies since that sounds like an early drum machine and the liner notes talk about Mignonne’s succes at the World Popular Song Festival of 1972…

Catalog number LBEP-009 on Lewis Brown records of Columbo, Sri Lanka.



When I briefly visited Sir Lanka, en route to emigrate from England to Australia, I heard music by a wonderful local group called The Jetliners. One of their songs was I Can’t Give You Anything But Love. Another was Puppet on a String. Could you please advise if any of their music from this period is available to purchase on CD or audiotape. Many thanks. Alan Gill.

Comment by Alan Gill

The only thing I’ve ever seen available by The Jetliners, is a vinyl only bootleg version of their “Live at Taj Mahal” album. There are some songs at the Sinhala Jukebox website (, but none of their really good stuff… Another example of a great band that you can’t find anything by…

Comment by radiodiffusion

“Kedelle Ethivoo” is another interesting song by Mignonne.

Comment by Upendra Samaranayake

Even better (though not by Mignonne or the Jetliners).

Comment by Upendra Samaranayake

Also, Wally Bastian is amazing:

Comment by Upendra Samaranayake

Winslow Six:

The greatest Sri Lankan musician is Amaradeva however. I have two of his albums that I can share on sendspace if you’re interested. 🙂

Comment by Upendra Samaranayake

Listen and watch all greatest srilankan artist here.

Comment by chanaka

Howdy: I think before the Moonstones, there were Harold Senviratne combo and Morton Cole combo. Also we must not forget great Bill Forbes another Sri Lankan export to the UK. Finally Cliff Foenander (Fabulous Echoes) who made it big in the Far East, also featured on Ed Sullivan show here in the US.


Comment by Hillary Jay

I agree with HJ. Harold Seneviratne was a class act and we used to hear him on Radio Ceylon in India in the early 70s. It is unbelievable that so many of the Jetliners original albums cannot be found. What of their original recordings? Where were they taped? Someone in SL must have the originals? Let’s keep trying. There were several LPS made of whom I cannot rememebr all the names, the Taj Mahal one being one. Someone out there must have the originals and who can bring back these wondereful memories. Bombay Meri Hai the cover to Usha Uthup’s original was a classic jazzed-up version.

Comment by Kerry Edwards

i have an ep of puppet on a string, fruto di mare, gwantanamere

Comment by gillian

Listen to My boy LOLLIPOP, fantastic song with good lyrics & music…..Casablanca from India Bombay

Comment by Cassie

I would appreciate if you could kindly share them with me. I am a great fan of the Jetliners.


Marshall Mendonza

Comment by Marshall Mendonza

This single is the only thing I have by The Jetliners.

You can find a lot of more music by them at Miyuru Gee and Sinhala Jukebox.


Comment by Radiodiffusion

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