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The Jaguars
June 19, 2008, 5:25 pm
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The Legend of Kisanado

The Jaguars were from Japan.

After The Beatles toured Japan in 1966, Japanese bands started playing music with vocals. Previously, The Ventures had been the biggest band in Japan, so instrumental music was more common.

The new style was called the “Group Sounds” or simply G.S., and had its peak from 1967-1968 with hundreds of professional bands that included The Golden Cups, The Mops, The Spiders, The Tempters and The Tigers. Apparently wearing matching outfits was a requirment to be in a band at that time.

Beside playing covers of The Beatles, The Monkees and the Rolling Stones songs, the groups had also their own material. Most of their perfomances were in “jazz kissa’s” (coffee shop with jazz music) and American airbases.

The Jaguars also made teen-oriented feature films in the style of “Help!” and “Hold On!” Just like American and British teen-rock movies, the movies were more known for the music performances than the plot development.

Thanks to John Sharp for getting this translated for me.

Catalog number ES1047 on Philips of Japan. No release date listed.


I have two Jaguar 45 records I purchased in Japan in 1969, one with cover and back (same as you have on your website), and one with cover, no back. I would be interested in finding a buyer for them. Thanks for any direction.

Comment by Shelley Hussey

You may be interested to know that this is virtually a Japanese re-working of the Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich single “The Legend of Xanadu.” The UK single of the original song was released in 1968, so it stands to reason that this single was released sometime after that. Thought that might be helpful! 🙂

Comment by Casey

I lost track of the individual who was going to purchase the Jaguar records from me awhile back. (Was overwhelmed due to death in the family.) Still interested in selling them. Is Casey the individual who was interested? Thanks.

Comment by Shelley Hussey

The Jaguars’ cover of “The Legend of Xanadu” is actually credited as “The Legend of Xanadu” (rather than “…Kisanado”) in the All Music Guide entry on the cd reissue of the group’s second album:

Comment by Transpacificus

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