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The Lions of Juda


The Lions of Juda were from Israel. They released a handful of singles, almost all of which are credited to The Lions. But in 1968, they recorded their big hit “Our Love’s A Growin’ Thing”, which was released all over Europe. But the flipside is the track that they are most remembered for today.

This song is probably one of the heaviest songs to come out of the Middle East, with the exception of some of Erkin Koray’s records.

I have not been able to find any information on the band, although I know that they were somehow connected to Uzi & The Styles, who were a legendary band in the history of rock music in Israel.

Catalog number 72007 on Phonodor Records of Israel, released in 1968. This record was re-issued in France, Germany, Holland and Spain by Fontana.

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That WAS pretty heavy for 1968 in Israel! Very interesting, and thank you for making it available for listening.

Comment by happydog

Excelente musica, efectivamente en 1968 muy pesado.. chida

Comment by LUIS G

Regarding The Mosquitoes’ referred above. The spelling is wrong. We spelled the name deliberately as ‘The Moskitos’. The band members are now spread all over the world.
Australia. France, USA and Israel.
The Lions were always fantastic. Great vocals. I still have a copy of the single.

Comment by Jack Kapterian

You may want to contact a Mike Shane (You can locate him on face book). Mike was either associated with the group or in it. I know that’s all he talks about as well as he is a professional entertainer. I do not reacall the exact spelling of his last name. It is either Shane or Shain. I believe the Shane may be it.

Comment by Rob Saintlace

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