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Uele Kalabubu et sa Tribu


Uele Kalabubu (and his tribe) were supposedly from the Republic of the Congo. I am unable to find any information on them (or is it he?) or Afroground. Not sure if they were some European studio creation like Kongas… But I have seen other singles and albums by them, but none of them have a picture of any musicians.

Sometimes while researching these records, I end up with more questions than answers. If you have any information, please contact me.

Catalog number SG 119 on AZ records of France.

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Your suggestion that this group might be a studio creation might be correct , I’ve seen that claimed elsewhere on the net too. My suspicion arises from the name Uele Kalabubu, sounds artificial , add to that ” & his tribe” and it becomes even less credible. I also find it peculiar that a Congo-Brazzaville group would sing in Swahili. Just my observation though.
Thank you for all the gems.

Comment by Drewslugmore

Hello ! Indeed, Uele Kalabubu is a name invented by the Belgian producer Roland Kluger. The Tracks names are in fact quite fantastic, they are Brussels puns , in the manner of dialects Babaoro’m of ”Tintin in The Congo”!

Comment by mandrak2000

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