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Munir Bachir
June 20, 2008, 1:29 pm
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Alouspour Ettaïr

Munir Bachir was born in Mosul, Iraq in 1930, into a long established family of musicians. His father thought him to play the oud at a very young age. He then spent six years studying at the Baghdad Institute of Music, directed by Sharif Muhiddin. Later, he completed a doctorate of musicology in Budapest.

He is most known for having created a completely different playing style of oud in Iraq, but also to that of other Arabian states. His style is composed of elements from Flamenco guitar playing, and also from the tradition of Western Classical music.

Although I have read that Munir Bachir passed in 1997, I have also seen that he released a new recording with the Iraqi Traditional Music Ensemble (which he founded in 1981) that was released by Le Chant Du Monde in 2005.

For some reason, this song is the only song on this album that actually has oud on it. Also, you can tell this record was an attempt to appeal to a different audience than traditional Iraqi music.

Catalog number 2C 054 – 11.804 on Pathé Marconi / EMI, released 1974.

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