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The New Wave
June 20, 2008, 1:33 pm
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China Night


The New Wave were from Hong Kong.

After the First Opium War, Hong Kong became a crown colony in 1843. The first urban settlement was named Victoria City. The Kowloon Peninsula south of Boundary Street and Stonecutter’s Island was ceded to the British in 1860 under the Convention of Peking after the Second Opium War. Various adjacent lands, known as the New Territories (including New Kowloon and Lantau Island), were then leased by Britain for 99 years, from 1 July 1898 to 30 June 1997.

The New Wave were apparently a creation of their record label, New Wave Record Company, were most likely comprised of studio musicians. I have not been able to find other information about this recording.

Thanks to Mack at Far East Audio for translating the titles for me.

If you have any information, please contact me.

Catalog number NWLP 5, released by the New Wave Recording Company of Hong Kong. No date given.



I know the song “China Night.” It is actually called “Shina-No-Yoru” and was written as a propaganda tune during the Japanese Expansion in the 1930s and was popular during World War II. It was amazingly popular with the American Military, who somehow heard it as “She Ain’t Got No Yo Yo.” It was a hit for the Japanese singer, Kyu Sakamoto (of “Sukiyaki” fame) in 1963. It is Sakamoto’s version that most people remember now if they know the tune. He sings some of the song in Japanese, and some of it in poorly-pronounced English. It is one of my favorite Sakamoto songs.

I hope this helps!

Comment by Hilary

If you’re interested in “Shina No Yoru”, I just posted the original 78rpm version by Watanabe Hamako on my blog :


Ceints de bakélite

Comment by Ceints de bakélite

Hello, I own a copy of this record, you may be interested to readwhat I wrote here:

Best wishes!

The Candyman

Comment by The Candyman

Here’s another late 60s cool instrumental Hong Kong LP arranged by Oscar Young:

Best wishes!

The Candyman

Comment by The Candyman

One more instrumental LP by The Apollo:

Best wishes!

The Candyman

Comment by The Candyman

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