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David the Red Sea Singer
June 23, 2008, 12:55 pm
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The Oriental Beat Goes On

David the Red Sea Singer was from Tel Aviv, Israel.

I have not been able to find out much about David, other than what was printed in the liner notes:

When David was born some 24 years ago, the Tel Aviv population was totally in aware of the fact that anew star was to rise at the bright skies of show business.

David’s love for the stage first manifested during Welfare Showprograms while he was serving his country. It was right after leaving the army that David was offered his first contract as a singer in “The End of the World Club” in Elath-on-Red Sea.

His Performance there was a smash and definitely kicked off his career. In less than no time David’s tenor voice gained tremendous popularity throughout Israel.

David specializes in folksongs and spirituals in Hebrew, English, Spanish and Greek.

Furthermore he is an expert showman on a native drum, the TOS DRUM.

During the last 8 months Davis has been touring Europe and has done television shots in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium and Holland.

“THE ORIENTAL BEAT GOES ON” is based on a Turkish melody, arranged by Ted Powder and put to lyrics by Rafi Nelson.

I read somewhere that the song this is based on is called ”Don’t Marry Abdullah”.

Catalog number: PS015 on Whamm Records, which I believe was from Holland. No release date given.



I met David in Amsterdam, where he was performing in a club called Jerusalem of Gold. This was in 1967.So he should be 65 by now! He released 3 singles then on the Whamm label. PS 015 PS 021 Anoe nitgaber/Haderach le eilat arava. PS 023 Trinkt le chaim/Hajji baba. That’s all I know, hope it helps you!

Comment by Miriam Berthauer

I met David @35 years ago, in, of all places, my hometown, Nashville, TN. My mother was in charge of the entertainment for our congregation’s Fund Raiser. We saw him years later, at a club in Los Angeles. Good Luck!

Comment by Lillian Heller

Ich habe David kennengelernt in Zandvoort. Er ist damals im Hotel Bouwes aufgetreten. Ich denke es war 1965? Es war eine schöne Zeit.

Comment by roswitha burchert

I knew David well. I remember the making of this record, the voice you hear at this record is from Rafi Nelson who was his manager and a beachclub owner at Eilat who liked adventure and promised David he could make him famous and took him to Europe. They both lived at Bouwes Hotel in Zandvoort where David also performed but after a while the hotel became too expensive so they moved to the Leliegracht at Amsterdam where they lived for a few years. He performed at the Troubadour, a well known folk club in Haarlem, owned by Cobi Schreijer and also played at the club Jerusalem of Gold and many other folkclubs in Holland.
After a few years he and Rafi left Holland and after a while I did receive a postcard from them out of Mexico.
Rafi Nelson went back to Eilat and died in 1988, what happened to David I don’t know. I remember him as a very nice and gentle boy, he was a good entertainer and an excellent drumplayer on a simple white arabic drum.

Comment by M Hage

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