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Vadeye Dour Dour Nemikham

Manouchehr is from Iran. I have not been able to find any information about him, except that his last name is either Sakhai or Sakhaie…

Unfourtunately, when Farsi is translated into English… You tend to get many different variations depending on who translated the text. For instance, I have seen multiple different spellings on the name Kourosh Yaghmaie (Yaghamaie, Yaghmayee, Yaghmaee…) as well as two totally different spellings for The Remarkables (Aajubehaa and Ojoobeha).

Thanks to Arash who runs a very informative blog on Iranian music on MySpace called Fars Funk. Keep an eye out for his compilation “Pomegranates”, which is to be released on the B-Music label.

Catalog number SARE-1045 on Ahang Rooz (which means “Song Of The Day”) of Iran, no release date given.

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