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Ya.. Ya.. Ya

Mayada was from Lebanon.

Her sister was Taroub, who was a well known singer in both Lebanon and Turkey as well, and they both were of Turkish descent. Mayada had a very short lived career from mid to late Sixties, recording few singles and singing in night clubs in Beirut. From this single, you can hear an influence of the Yé Yé Girl movement from France.

Thanks to Hany Zaki for the information.

Catalog number BP 145 on Brotherphone of Beirut, Lebanon. No other information is available.


Thanks for this post! It’s quite a treat. I’ve been looking for anything about this artist ever since I found a different single of hers, also on Brotherphone (BP-135), “Hully Gully b/w Surf”, with music by famous Lebanese composer George Yazbek.

Comment by Jeremy

This is really nice. Cool find! There’s also a Sabah 45 with a hully gully on one side and a Letkis on the other. It’s nice but perhaps not as charming as this.

Comment by Milan

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