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Nisar Bazmi
June 23, 2008, 12:50 pm
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Pyar Ki Ik Naee

Nisar Bazmi was born Syed Nisar Ahmed in 1924 in Bombay, India.

He did not belonged to an artistic family and nor did he have any prior musical training. Noted Indian musician, Khan Saheb Aman Ali Khan, convinced of Nisar’s musical talent, decided to teach him. Equipped only with artistic know-how, young Nisar, quickly mastered the various ragas, the musical instruments and took all music lessons to heart.

At the age of fifteen, All India Radio hired him as an artist in 1939. Five years later, he composed some songs for the drama, “Nadir Shah Durrani”, which was broadcast from the Bombay Radio Station. All of the songs that he composed for the show became hits.

Soon after, he was asked to compose music for the film “Jamana Paar”, which was released in 1946. Nisar accepted the offer and changed his name to Nisar Bazmi. He composed the music for twenty eight films before he decided to move to Pakistan in 1962.

Once permanently settled in Pakistan, he resumed his music career by simultaneously composing songs for two movies: Director Nazeer Sufi’s film “Head Constable” (released on September 25, 1964) and director Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli’s movie “Aisa Bhi Hota Hai” (released on February 5, 1965).

He responsible for introducing Alamgir to film music in Pakistan. During his musical career he composed many hit songs for Runa Laila , Ahmed Rushdi , Noor Jehan and Mehdi Hassan. Also, the well known songwriting duo of Laxmikant-Pyarelal were musicians of Nisar Bazmi in India before he left for Pakistan, and later they became famous music composers.

Furthermore, Nisar is also an accomplished poet. His poetic collection were to be brought to the limelight by his admirer, Shamim Bazil (against his wishes).

Catalog number EMPP 5006 on EMI of Pakistan, released in 1976.


I am a Big fan of Nissar Bazmi ,no doubt he was a great composer and has put magic in his sons tha even after so many years, his songs sound as if they were composed today.I have almost all of his songs in my collection and I play them almost everyday.
May Allah rest his soul in peace.

Comment by Shabbir Bawaney

Beautiful, thank you for posting.

Comment by Milan

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