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Sinn Sisamouth
June 23, 2008, 12:24 pm
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Mon Esperance D’Avenir

Anyone even vaguely familiar with the music of South East Asia, has most likely heard of Sinn Sisamouth, who was from Cambodia.

It is not known how many songs that Sinn Sisamouth recorded during his lifetime, but from 1972 to 1973 alone he published 500 songs. And that number does not include the songs he did for movie soundtracks or the duets he recorded with Ros Sereysothea and Pan Ron. The total number is estimated in the thousands, including many of which that were never released and only have recently been discovered.

Besides being an accomplished songwriter, he was also a composer as well. He was known to use the Mandolin to search for rhythms to songs he was thinking of composing, and only later did he match lyrics to these rhythms. He was also known to have utilized up to three different dictionaries in searching for just the right word in the Khmer, Sanskrit or Pali language to include in his songs.

His fame and success led His Royal Majesty Treyany to ask him to work for the king’s band, which he did until the coup d’état against Cambodia’s royal government in 1970. He then joined the Ministry Band of the Khmer Republic.

When the Khmer Rouge entered Phnom Penh on April 17, 1975, along with the millions of other residents, Sinn Sisamouth was forced to leave the city. But he later decided to return, due to health problems with his second wife and to see if he could work for the Khmer Rouge government, then known as Democratic Kampuchea. That is the last known information of the life of Sinn Sisamouth…

There are many rumors concerning his death. It is not known for certain that he died at the hands of the Khmer Rouge, but some people suspect that the Khmer Rouge may have killed him along the road between Wat Champa and Phnom Penh, since most Cambodians who tried to return to Phnom Penh were killed. Only industry workers who possessed skills useful to the Khmer Rouge were spared; but when they outlived their usefulness, they too were butchered. Before the Khmer Rouge killed him, some people claim Sisamouth requested he be allowed to sing a song. He expressed himself as sincerely as possible through his music, but the Khmer Rouge soldiers were unmoved, and, after he finished singing, they killed him anyhow.

Of Sinn Sisamouth’s three living children, only one has decided to make singing a profession. Sin Chaya, Sisamouth’s son, is currently a singer for the Cambodian Radio. He himself admits, however, that his singing cannot compare to that of his talented father. The only thing Sin Chaya claims to have inherited from Sisamouth was the desire and destiny to be a professional singer.

For more information about Sinn Sisamouth, go to his biography at And for more of his music, go to

Catalog number 45-5044 on Wat Phnom Disques of Cambodia. No release date listed.


I love and prefer his golden voice very much! His golden voice stay in the heart of Cambodians, he is the king of Khmer Music. I just wait to see if there are any Movie Production produce movie related to his life!


Comment by Rithy

I just recently sold a record by Srei Sother Sinn Sisamouth on ebay.
details are here

label is phnom-med records pm1010

I will try an attach a picture..if you cannot see it email me and I will send a pic

Comment by tfcbrian

does anyone knew where I can get some Sin Sisamouth on Chanchhaya Records?

Comment by Kenneth S Meas

Does anone know where I can get any mietophoum CDs or Wat Phnom? And Does anyone have any old cambodian records for sale? -contact me at

Comment by Kenneth S Meas

He’s always in my heart. 🙂
I love sin sisamuth songs.
How can i get more song as on your website?It’s nice and origin music.

Comment by NOCh Kano

Really nice post. I’m a huge fan of him, and always happy to read about him.

Comment by Boebis

Hey Brian, how did you get a hold of that record? Any original Khmer records are top on my wantlist. Do you happen to have any more?

Comment by Robert

i have to say first that i got into this wonderful website looking for “roots” of actual j/k music— and i finished up downloading khmer music… i felt in love with this two wonderful singers you show here…mr sinn sisamouth and miss ros sereysothea, i just wanna say the most sincere thanks ever… i hope you guys can find more music of this amazing duet… other thing that maybe doesnt have much to do with all this… can you look for “the peanuts” on the net or through your contacts (theyre a duet of twins that were pretty famous on japan on the sixtees ) and the other thing… anything from keo sarath?? or is he too actual for this page??

thaks again for this wonderful oportunity you gave us to get to know another cultures…

love ya radiodiffusion !!



Comment by ignacio fontecilla

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