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Wu Jin Lan
June 23, 2008, 1:28 pm
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I Love You A’ Go Go

I could find no information what so ever on Wu Jin Lan, who was to the best of my knowledge, from Taiwan.

This record has almost no English on it, with the exception of the song titles. I scanned it in, and e-mailed it to Menghsin Cindy Horng, who I had corresponded with in the past about Asian pop music… But she couldn’t find anything either.

Thanks to Menghsin Cindy Horng for her help.

If you have any information, please contact me.

There is no catalog number listed, but “ SM-1“ is engraved in the vinyl. It was released on Four Seas Records. No other information is available.



I own this EP in a slightly different edition. The girl in blue shirt switch place with the pink shirt on my copy, and to be honest I think it looks nicer that way.

I got it uploaded on my flickr page:
Wu Jin Lan - A' Go-Go

Comment by gojira2012

Hey I’m in a similar position with another Four Seas Records release. I have no information on this one at all though.

Comment by cannibaladventure

Here it is on Youtube:

Plus an eastasianmusiclover uploaded an entire album to Youtube in 3 parts, starting with:

Comment by Lanny

Also from eastasianmusiclover, here’s the 4 song A’ Go Go EP:

Comment by Lanny

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