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3 Hür El
June 24, 2008, 7:58 pm
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Sevenler Ağlarmış

3 Hür El (also known as: Uç Hür El) were three brothers named Feridun, Onur and Haldun who were from Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkey has had a long tradition of musical influence. Since Turkey is Europe’s crossroads into Asia, the whole phenomenon of East-meets-West hybridization (in this case, traditional Anatolian folk and ’60s pop) makes for some amazing music that couldn’t come from anywhere else. In just the last few years, there has been a number of great compilations and a handful of albums that have been re-issued.

The three Hür El brothers formed their first band in 1966, called Istanbul 4, but then became 3 Hür El in 1970. Unlike every other band in Turkey, they never played cover songs or traditional Turkish compositions on stage or on record.

Feridun wrote the original composes and lyrics, and sang, also played a double-necked instrument : one neck for guitar, the other for Turkish saz (as seen in the picture). Haldun was also know to use a mix of Western Drums with Eastern percussion, adding to their unique sound.

They released their first single in 1970, and eventually went on to record their first self titled album in 1973. Their second LP “Hür El Arşivi“, 1976, is a collection of most of their singles. Both of these albums have recently been re-issued on compact disc. There is a complete discography listed here.

They staged a comeback in 1997, and recorded two CDs. “Efsane… Yeniden” in 1996 and “1953 Hür El” in 1999. Though they used to be one of the most busy tour bands during early 70’s, now they refuse to play live.

There is the first few moments of a video for this song, that is posted on YouTube. The A side to this single, “Ömür Biter Yol Bitmez”, was included on the Prog is Not a Four Letter Word compilation on Delay 68 records. Also, someone has created a fan page on MySpace.

Catalog number DT 5108 on Diskotür of Turkey, released 1974.

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