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Elvis Phương
June 24, 2008, 8:10 pm
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Van Em (thất tình 2)

Elvis Phương was from Vietnam.

Records from Vietnam are rare, at best. And usually, I am unable to find hardly any information about music (outside of tradtional folk music) in that country before the Eighties. But, I was surprised to find a biography on Elvis Phương:

Elvis learned to sing by listening to the records or tapes of foreign singers. When he was 17 or 18 years old, against his father wishes, Elvis Phương chose to stay in Vietnam to pursue a career in singing instead of going to France for an education. Elvis Phương, whose real name is Pham Ngoc Phương selected his stage name after his idol, Elvis Presley.

His first appearance in front of an audience was in 1962 at Regina Pacis high school’s open house where he sang Nua Dem Ngoai Pho and O’ Cangaceiro. The first band that he worked with was the Rockin’ Stars, a popular band during the early 60s. In subsequent years, he also collaborated with other famous bands such as Les Vampires and Phương Hoàng. In 1968, Mr. Ngoc Chanh of Shotguns Productions produced Elvis Phương’s first album titled Shotguns 26: Tieng Hat Elvis Phương. In 1977, Elvis Phương’s musical journey took him by storm with the first album produced overseas titled Hat Cho Nguoi Vuot Bien. Since then, Elvis Phương has recorded many tapes and / or CDs and appeared in many videos.

He currently lives in Cerritos, California, where he runs EP Productions. He also has a website (that is under construction). And, apparently he is an Aquarius (his birthday on February 1st), his favorite color is black & white and his lucky number is thirteen.

There is a separate catalog number for each song on this record… The catalog number for this song is GP • 1287 31 3 7 on Dưâm Records of Vietnam. No release date given.


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Bảo Thu wrote “Vẫn em” (Thất tình 2) in 1971.

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