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Gökçen Kaynatan
June 24, 2008, 8:37 pm
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Beyoǧlunda Gezersin

Gökçen Kaynatan was from Turkey.

Turkey has had a long tradition of musical influence. Since Turkey is Europe’s crossroads into Asia, the whole phenomenon of East-meets-West hybridization (in this case, traditional Anatolian folk and ’60s pop) makes for some amazing music that couldn’t come from anywhere else. In just the last few years, there has been a handful of great compilations and a number of albums that have been re-issued.

Gökçen started out in the early 60’s playing in the band Kara Kediler, and then with Somer Soyata Orkestrası. He was considered to be “the greatest show musician” and had a minor hit with The Shadows inspired song “Moda”. However, due to his frustration with young band members constantly leaving and returning, resulting in a very inconsistent band, he decided “to make music without human players”.

So, he became one of the first experimental electronic pop musicians and by the late 60’s he was performing live concerts in Istanbul. Gökçen apparently had access to the latest equipment from the Maestro catalog, including the Echoplex and Rhythm’n’Sound (both effects are featured promently on this song). He eventually went on to set up the first electronic music studio in Turkey, and worked with Baris Manço.

Later in the 70’s, Gökçen produced many unreleased recordings such as “Cehennem” (“Hell”), “Lost Island”, “Doann Otesi” (“Beyond Nature”), and “Angio” which describes a surgerical operation he had in 1979. Nowadays he makes Rock’n’Roll music with his old partners and works as an architect. He also has music performed, composed and arranged on the EMS synthesizer.

The A side of this single, “Pencerenin Paerdesini”, was on the Hava Narghile: Middle Eastern Raga Rock Ala Turquie ’66-’75” compilation released by Bacchus Archives. I recently saw a copy of his other single from 1973: “Sihirbaz” b/w “Evren” on 1 Numara. Although the titles were different, the songs were the same (Pressing plan error?). He also recorded two other singles, one in 1963 and one in 1966.

Catalog number A.K. 07 on 1 Numara Records of Turkey, released in 1973.


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“penderenin pardesini” has been a staple for since i first heard it 8 years ago. one of my favorite tracks ever out of turkey.

i’ve love to hear everything Gokcen did in this vein. is he still alive? who know about what lays around in the the 70s gokcen solo catalog?

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