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Kazi Aniruddha / Kazi Arindam

Kazi Aniruddha • Main Hoon Pyar Tera

Kazi Arindam • Fever

The term “Bollywood” originally referred to Bombay’s (now known as Mumbai) Hindi language film industry. Although there are a number of other studios that produce films in other languages, more recently the definition has been expanded in the West to describe pretty much all films produced on the sub-continent. But where in most countries a film’s soundtrack would merely be used as a promotional tool for the film, in India film music has become an industry unto itself with playback singers and dance numbers. The music is just as important as the film and lives on long after the film has left the theaters. These songs are, for the most part, the pop music of India.

As with most popular music, other artists sometimes recorded cover versions of these songs. Of these musicians, a small number specialized in instrumental arrangements and created what could be called the elevator music of India. While there were a few who used the harmonium or ‘mouth organ’, the most popular instrument used in these “instrumental favorites” was the steel guitar.

The earliest known report of anyone playing slide guitar was Gabriel Davion, a native of India who had been kidnapped by Portuguese sailors and was brought to Hawaii in 1876. Of course, there are Indian string instruments like the gotuvadyam and the vichitra vina that utilize slide known to have existed since the 11th century. But it was not until Ernest Ka’ai and his Royal Hawaiian Troubadours’ toured in 1919 before the slide guitar was introduced to India.

Not much is known about Kazi Aniruddha, except that he was the youngest son of revolutionary Bengali poet and musician Kazi Nazrul Islam. He released about two dozen songs before his death in 1974. And with the exception of a handful of film tunes in 1984, all of Kazi Arindam recordings were of Tagore songs, many of which he did with violinist Debshankar Roy. Although, he did produce a couple of records by Dipankar Sen Gupta, another steel guitarist who records Bollywood tunes. Whether or not the two Kazi’s were related is something that I’ve never been able to clear up…

The song Main Hoon Pyar Tera by Kazi Aniruddha is included on the Bollywood Steel Guitar compilation on Sublime Frequencies. Van Shipley, S. Hazarasingh, Sunil Ganguly, Charanjit Singh, Gautam Dasgupta, as well as Kazi Arindam are also featured on the disc.

Catalog number S/MOCE 3022 EMI of India, manufactured & distributed by The Gramophone Company of India Limited in 1984.

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I am impressed for really such a good details of the artiste Kazi Aniruddha. I have some more details for the artiste which i can send to update your record.

With Prayer

Dipankar Basak

Comment by Dipankar Basak

More tunes in Guitar available with SAREGAMA…….add those

Comment by Kazi Anirban

/…Whether or not the two Kazi’s were related…/

Of course – they were father and son!

Comment by Arindam

Kazi had recorded 14 Najrul Sangit which are available with me . How can I add them to Archives. Can Kazi Arindam Help?

With Regards

Dipankar Basak

Comment by Dipankar Basak


Comment by indramay acharya

Rabindra Sangit and Nazrul Giti Atulprasad were rendered on Electric Steel guitar by Kazi Aniruddha in an impressive way along with film tunes.

However last released cessete of shree Kazi Arindam is a master piece and should have been on a CD.

Request for a new album both for Rabindra sangit and Nazrul Giti wjich will encourage the young generation to continue the culture and use of Electric Guitars / Hawaian Guitars which is slowly phasing out.

Kazi Arindam to kindly take the initiative and stand in the gap.

With regards

Dipankar Basak
1/A,Surji Dutta Lane
PO. Beadon Street
Kolkata 700006
Mob 09830438642

Comment by Dipankar Basak

All the LP EP and SP disks of Kazi Aniruddha and Kazi Arindam are avaialable with me.
The Maestro’s master pieces need to be archived in CD for future generation to learn more about the Electric Steel Guitars.

Any organisation to come forward for the cause ie initiative , and bear the cost to re introduce Master of Singing Guitar in India to the next generation.

Dipankar Basak

Comment by Dipankar Basak

Kazi Arindam I am Indranath studied with u in Narendrapur. I am searching for ur fathers’ hindi film tunes played in Electric Guitar can u help me. I stay in Nagpur. Hope to hear from .My contact no. 09370269090. Bye!

Comment by Indranath Lahiri

Dear Indranath
Some of his Hindi songs played on guitar available on Vynil disc. If you can come to Kolkata we can find a way to meet your needs. Did u receive any reply from dear Kazi Arindam?

Dipankar Basak
1/A,Surji Dutta Lane
PO. Beadon Street
Kolkata 700006
Mob 09830438642

Comment by Dipankar Basak

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