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Rachid et Fethi
June 24, 2008, 7:20 pm
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Habit-En Ïch

Brothers Rachid and Fethi Baba Ahmed were from the Northwestern town of Tlemcen in Algeria.

They formed their first band in the 1960’s, which was called The Vultures. Althought I have been unable to find any recordings by the band, they were supposed more Western styled rock ‘n’ roll.

After The Vultures, they released a few records as Rachid et Fethi (here’s one other that I know of), and made a number of appearances performing on Algerian television in the 1970’s.

Since that time, Rachid and Fethi became the most well known Raï producers in Algeria. They openned one of the first 24 track studios in the country, which is in the town of Oran. They were the first to introduce the synthesizer and drum machine into Raï in 1982, which would galvanize that music’s signature sound.

Sadly, Rachid Baba Ahmed was killed on 15 February 1995 in his car with shots from a submachine gun in Oran.

Thanks to Anis Bousbia for his help.

Catalog number 28846 Editions Rally of Tlemcen, Algeria. No release date given.

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allay yerham rachid baba hmed

Comment by faical

Thank you for this nice single. I’m surprised, as the music is identical to the song “Leylim Leylim” by the Turkish singer Fikret Kizilok, released 1972.
Kizilok was one of the member of the so-called “Anatolian Pop” movement in Turkey.
I don’t know who borrowed from whom, but this version is also very good.

Comment by Akin Ercan

Yes very strange lets solve this mystery ok?Rachid and fethi have a turkish song entitled yuk baba jim can you hear it and tell me if you have already heard it?

Comment by Anis

Rachid Baba-Ahmed tell me his family had
some turkish roots, even relatives in today Turkey ,Algeria for 3 centuries was under Ottoman “influence” or colonisation …
I did spend months in Tlemcen where was the Studio (not in Oran)with Rachid in 88-89

Comment by yves thibord

Would be nice to hear the A side too.

Comment by xophe

[…] was sure to have heard this song before and thanks to the omniscient internet and the notorious Radio Diffusion blog, I found out. It’s the wonderful track “Leylim Leylim” by the Turkish band Fikret Kizilok […]

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