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Ronnie Villar and The Firedons
June 24, 2008, 7:39 pm
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Mi Corazon

Ronnie Villar and The Firedons were from the Philippines

England’s Cliff Richard was one of the first Western rock ‘n’ rollers to break into the Asian pop markets. The Shadows, Richard’s backing band, recorded separately as an instrumental combo, and they, like their American counterparts The Ventures, were quite the pop phenomenon in Asia as well.

Similarly, The Firedons recorded with and without their vocalist Ronnie Villar, who is not present on this record. The Firedons included Willy Villar on lead guitar, David Llorente on rhythm guitar, Caesar Llorente on bass, and Waldy Cruz on drums. Apparently, Teresita Apolinario was the first vocalist of the band before they recorded their first single but left to be married.

I tried to contact David Llorente’s son, who is a rapper in Los Angeles and goes by the name Viddy V. Unfortunately, he did not return my e-mail.

Catalog number 1003 – S on Mahubay Records of The Phillipines. No date listed.



Joshua Llorente a.k.a. Viddy V, he’s my first cousin.
I am Cesar Llorente’s son – Ramon Llorente

Comment by Ramon Llorente

Willy, Waldy.. hi! Do you still remember when you guys approached me at the Manila Grand Opera House before your gig abroad? I was with the Jovials then. Are you guys here in P.I.? Maybe we can jam sometime. Regards!

Comment by Lito Zabat

It’s spelled Caesar Llorente.

Comment by Abigail Llorente

Oops. It’s fixed now.

Thank you.

Comment by radiodiffusion

the firedons were a friend back then may i know where i can reach caesar llorente? -this is tambourine (im using my son’s account)

Comment by chaote9

I have two Ronnie Villar & The Firedons 45’s. One Is a cover of “A Hard day’s Night”, and the other, a cover of “On The Beach”. They are not very lively, but interesting.

Comment by Kyle Green

I would love to meet or talk to Mr. Ronnie Villar
and my number is 0011 612 53106591 or cell phone 0011 61 438 785 037 thank you very much and I hope to hear from you.

Espie (Australia)

Comment by Ronnie Villar

Hello Ronnie, I’ve a music blog dedicated to Far East music. Would love to feature your band. Please send me an e-mail.

Hello Kyle, Same above. Please contact me at:


Comment by franas

Caesar Llorente lives in Sacramento, CA while Julius lives in Marietta, Georgia. Unfortunately, David and Rod have passed away. I am their first cousin.

Comment by Millette

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