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The Vampires
June 24, 2008, 8:02 pm
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Cold Rain Song

The Vampires were from Singapore.

Singapore is an island nation located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and is one of the few remaining city-states in the world and the smallest country in Southeast Asia.

When the main island was colonized by the British East India Company in 1819, it contained a fishing village sparsely populated by indigenous Malays and Orang Lauts at the mouth of the Singapore River. The British used the position as a strategic trading outpost along the spice route. It became one of the most important commercial and military centres of the British Empire and the site, in 1942, of what Winston Churchill called “Britain’s biggest defeat” at the hands of the Japanese. Occupied by the Japanese Empire during World War II, it reverted to British rule in 1945 and was later part of the merger which established Malasia in 1963. Less than two years later it left the federation and became an independent republic on August 9th, 1965. The new republic was admitted to the United Nations on September 21 that same year.

In 2003, Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) commissioned a six-part series documentary for televison on the Singapore music scene from the 1960s to the present day, entitled Jammin’. If anyone knows how I could get a copy of that documentary (especially the first two episodes), I would greatly appreciate it.

As for The Vampires, I have not been able to find any information. I do know that they did release a second single as Dorothy & The Vampires on Philips Records.

Catalog number STL 222 on Satellite of Singapore. No other information available.



I am very surprise to find the record on this site. I am one of the Vampires and your posting brings back happy memory. I have found another site which has one of the songs downloadable on it. Oh my, how technology evolved, thought I will not get to see this record cover again after I have lost it when I went away to England. It was recorded sometime in 1966-7. Thanks for the memory!!!

Comment by Connie Fong

Hello Aunty Connie, I think we met long long time ago I am Felix, nephew of Aunty Rebecca, Cynthia and Katherine in the above album photo =)

I’ve made a short clip combining the album photo with one of the song! here it is…

Will try to collate somemore photos from my cousins and make another short clip! =)

Felix Fong

Comment by Felix Fong

Hi Felix,
Yes, I remember meeting you! Thanks for your effort putting together the past into present and sharing this old album with us. Your effort is much appreciated! Great work!


Comment by Connie Fong

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