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Uta Bella
June 24, 2008, 8:36 pm
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Uta Bella was from Cameroon.

Officially know as The Republic of Cameroon, the country is a unitary republic of central and western Africa. It borders Nigeria to the west; Chad to the northeast; the Central African Republic to the east; and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo to the south. The country is called “Africa in miniature” for its geological and cultural diversity. Natural features include beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforests, and savannas. Cameroon is home to over 200 different ethnic and linguistic groups. The country is well known for its native styles of music, particularly makossa and bikutsi. English and French are the official languages.

Despite the fact that Uta Bella recently released an album in 2006, I have not been able to find hardly any information about her. Even her label’s website has no mention of her… I was able to find out that she recorded two singles for Akue label, founded by Paris-based Togolese producer Gérard Akueson, in 1968 and 1969. The label also released singles by Jo Tongo (a.k.a. Jojo L’Explosif) and Orchestre African New Sound. Other than that, there was an album titled “Nassa – Nassa” in 1980.

Catalog number 45030 on Akue Records of France, released in 1969.



This is the Uta Bella e-mail living now in Nice (France)you can wright her at
you are welcome and thank you.

Comment by Uta BELLA

Thanks Uta!

Comment by radiodiffusion

Listen this song of ta Bella – SUMIKE , Hit in the 70s and 80s in the coast Norte of Colombia, Sur America this record pleyed in the sound systems oldies

check in my blog some old Sound Systems of Los Picós

Comment by africolombia

Is “GAMBIA” one of your song, please ? Or is it Bella Bellow’s one ? Thank you for your answer.

Comment by RAMILSON Suzy

Si je pouvais réentendre “Mamboula” un jour, en version originale, avant de mourir…

Comment by Paddy

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