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Hussein Hj. Tuah & D’Acrobat’s J. B.
July 20, 2008, 4:08 pm
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Hussein J. Tuah was from Brunei.

According to Merv Espina, Brunei was “one happening joint” back in the Sixties, and was very cosmopolitan. Merv has been researching the sole product of Brunei’s film industry, Gema Dari Menara (Voice from the Minaret), which was produced in 1968. Apparently the film features a few bands and exotic dancers. But much like that film, the music scene is Brunei has almost no information…

From what I have been able to find, it appears that all of the musicians from Brunei went to Singapore to record, and there was only one label that issued records by Bruneian artists. I did manage to find a little bit about Hussein J. Tuah & D’Acrobats’ J. B.’s is Management / Label: Times Record Company:

Around 1960’s in Singapore, Times Record was a record company which released Malaysian EP’s and LP’s, on labels such as Olympic, Eagle, Sea Lion, etc. There record labels had competition with international recording companies such as EMI and Philips. In the 1960’s there were many artists and singers and records under Times management, so audience can listen them.

D’Acrobats’ J. B. were from Johor Baharu, Malaysia. They released a handful of other singles as the backing band for other Malaysian singers such as Yusoff Ahmad and H. Anuar for the Universal Label.

If you have any information, please contact me.

Catalog number T.R.C. 1032 on Olympic Records of Singapore. No release date given.


I recently received some more information from Merv Espina. His name is actually Hj. Tuah, and not J. Tuah. The big H in on the cover was a stylistic graphic design choice. You can see it on his first single, which was released on the SOR Records label of Singapore. Hussein worked as a teacher, and one of the subjects that he taught was English. He continued singing, and became a popular patriotic singer.



Great blog and a lot of great posts. The WordPress snapshots are kind of annoying & hang my computer up every so often but everything is excellent. Thanks.

Comment by Max

I just found your site. Amazing! Hj. most likely signifys that Hussein Tuah was a haji, ie, he had been to Mecca. D’Acrobats also recorded as Acrobat’s and D.Acrobat’s and backed other singers like Yusoff Ahmad, H. Anuar, Ali Osman, N.A. Rose, Lay Sabree, and Suriah A. Hamid. A lot of it is killer stuff

Comment by Steve

Dear friend,
I just find you site, actualy I am serching for D’Acrobats.. glad to see Hussein Hj Tuah’s record cover. Actully I am the one who design the Record Cover. Thank you for putting up the cover.

ALI ARSHAD formerly of Architect Office JKR Johor

Comment by Ali Arshad

Hussein Tuah or his real Name is Haji Awang Hussain bin Haji Tuah is my father in law. Now he’s staying at No 24, Simpang 189-16 Kampung Manggis Dua BC 3515. You can contact him at this number +6732333977

Comment by Mohamad Saat Haji Mokim

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