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Negash Tekie / Mulugeta Tlahun
November 1, 2008, 8:05 pm
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Negash Tekie Atibreie

Mulugeta Tlahun & Negash Tekie Yewyen Abebaie

There have been quite a few times in the past year, when I have considered throwing in the towel and calling Radiodiffusion Internasionaal quits. I’ll admit that there has a been a few records that I have posted that I haven’t been all that crazy about. And there’s been more than a handful of posts that have been cranked out in thirty minutes or less… The time and money… It gets to be a bit much. Then, a record like this falls into my hands.

After I managed to get my eyeballs back in their sockets and scraped my jaw off of the floor… I was reminded of why I do this. This is what it is all about. Right here. Two sides of pure joy.

Reality begins to set back in, and the questions start to come… Who were these people? Who concocted these otherworldly sounds from the intersection of The Modern and The Traditional? The mysteries that a record without a sleeve poses… I cannot deny that there is an almost fetish allure of non-Latin characters… What language is that? What does it say?

Of course, there is almost no information available. All I can tell you is that Negash Tekie performed in London in 2002 at a benefit for Eritreans for Human and Democratic Rights. But for Mulugeta Tlahun… I got nothing. I do know that the type along the bottom of the label reads: “Ye Eritrea Te. Gi. (Teklay Gizat) Police Muziqa Kifil” which translates as “Province of Eritrea Police – Division of Music”.

As for the label, Emporio Musicale, I am assuming that the person responsible is “Cav. E. Cipriani” (since Eritrea was ruled by Italy from 1890 to 1940) and that he (or she) was based in the capitol city of Asmara. But that’s just a guess… The only other record I have seen on this label, was in rough shape.

If you have any information on either of these artists, or any of the other records that were released on this label, please contact me.

Thanks to Adamantios Kafetzis and Peter Piper for getting the Tigrinya translated for me.

Now back to chasing the vinyl dragon

Catalog number ER 5 / ER 6 on Emporio Musicale of Asmara, Eritrea. No other information available.


Where did you find an Eritrean record? I’ve been looking for some for a while with no success since listening to the Ato Seghid song you posted. 😦

Comment by Upendra Samaranayake

Eritrean music is really special and beautiful.

Comment by Upendra Samaranayake

If you ever throw the towel, my friend, to me, that would be a sad day. i always come back to your site to not only listen to such unique music, but to also expand my musical ear.

your work on this site is a testament that (at least my) westernized cultures know very little about the world out there. your music selections and discoveries have helped me find new musical gems of which i (very proudly) blast from my apartment window. “what the hell are you listening to?,” many ask me, to which i simply respond, “the world”

so in advance, thank you for your weekly efforts. i look forward to coming back every week. and if you take a break, well, at least know that when you decide to return (passions that burn can never be put out), some of us will be there to listen once more!

Comment by henry

Are you crazy? Your site is the GREATEST! You can NEVER stop! What you do is so IMPORTANT! I feel bad that it took me so long to express my great love and admiration for your site.

There are so many music blogs and sites out there that only re-gurgitate the same US/European fringe-oldies music. Your site is really special, adventurous and full of curiosity. Your whole collection is like a piece of art. Discovering, assembling, researching and sharing with others is as much a creative process as what any artist does. Even more so, if I think of most artists I know….

I share a lot of your taste in music and I`ve been collecting records for more than 25 years and bought records, particularly 45`s wherever I traveled but I will probably never reach your level of collecting. I really appreciate the SERIOUSNESS and DEDICATION of your work and it is a great inspiration. Thank you!

Best wishes

Comment by mischalke04

Wow. This is great. “Yewyen Abebaie” has the most phenomenal mix of modern instrumentation and traditional groove/vocals I’ve heard.

Comment by Joe

Thank you so much for this gem ! Always a pleasure to discover some unknown and beautiful music on your site.
keep on !

Comment by le mouching

I can’t thank you enough for how much wonderful music I have in my collection thanks to your website. Please don’t stop doing it! It is so great.

Comment by Emily

Don’t stop. Please.

Comment by BHR

“Yewein abebaie” is a great song but Eritrean it is not.

It is in Amharic and the style and arrangements are very much from central Ethiopia. My guess is that it might be recorded in Addis and released in Asmara. Would also make sense since “Mulugeta Tilahoun” is an Ethiopian name, as in not Tigrinya.

Is it the B-side to “Ati Berie” or a single?

Anyway, keep up the excellent work!

Comment by issu

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