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Jayram Acharya
December 20, 2008, 8:46 pm
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Jingle Bells

Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Even though it is sometimes referred to as Hindustan, not everyone in India is Hindu. Granted, over eighty percent is Hindu, and another thirteen percent are Muslim. As of a 2001 census, only 2.341% are Christian. But, that’s still over twenty four million people. That being said, India is not exactly the first place that pops into your mind when it comes to Christmas Music.

All I have been able to find out about Jayram Acharya, is that he released an album entitled Sitar Goes Latin” with Enoch Daniels (who is credited for the arrangements on this record) in 1969. Also, a single with “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and White Christmas was recently issued on the British Jazzman label.

Here are the liner notes to the record:

Come December, a strange spirit pervades in every corner of the globe – the spirit of Christmas. The universality of this spirit brings us closer to the oft dreamt concept of one world.

An integral part of Christmas is the Christmas music which, over a period of centuries, has also acquired global popularity.

Four of the most popular Christmas songs which, centuries ago, originated in the Western World, are presented on this disc on a musical instrument of India, the sitar, which is also originated centuries ago. While the Christmas songs reached India several centuries ago, it is only now, several centuries later, that the sound of sitar has reached the Western World and is considered the most exciting sound of today.

Christmas music on the sitar – a memorable presentation for a memorable occasion.

Catalog number EMOE. 503 on Odeon / The Gramophone Company Ltd., released 1967.



I like that the liner notes imply that all the songs are centuries old, but the tracklisting includes “Jingle Bells” and “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” It certainly is a fun record, though. Thanks!

Comment by Joe

wonderful , along with all your other indian posts , many thanks

Comment by phil

I saw this for sale. Christmas Music, sitar or not, I wouldn’t buy. A collector needs these little rules to help you prevent escalation. That’s why I am uncomfortable with this post. Because this record is actually fun and now I regret. this record would definately help me to get through Christmas days. This got released by jazzman? That’s some strange news.

Comment by Milan

I had “Sitar Goes Latin” transferred to CD. Anyone who wants a copy from my computer is welcome.

Comment by Peter Hyde

Peter — could you contact me at rpfoo at yahoo dot com. I’ve been looking for “Sitar Goes Latin”.

Comment by RP

Hi, I would really appreciate a copy of that”sitar goes latin” I had the lp and lent it to a friend who never returned it. I have tried to get a copy since and would be really glad if you can let me know how to get a copy. Thanks.

Comment by Avit

Looked for sitar goes latin for a long time.Please send a copy.
Lovely music.

Comment by molly

I am looking for a copy of sitar goes latin, can you help?

Comment by adam

Does anyone know what the other two tracks are on this album and the order of all of the tracks? Thanks!

Comment by Ela

Side One:
• Silent Night
• White Christmas

Side Two:
• Jingle Bells
• Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Comment by Radiodiffusion

Hi, Can you let me know if it’s still possible to receive a copy of Sitar goes Latin, and if I should just leave my email address here. Thanks much, been looking for one for my mother 🙂

Comment by shiva

I would greatly appreciate a copy. I have been looking for this for years!.

Comment by Renuka Orie

I would highly appreciate if you can get me the copy of Sita goes Latin. I knew Mr. Acharya in Bombay and he is no more and i have lost the record.
Professor Uday Shelat
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Comment by Uday shelat

Can you please send me a copy of sitar goes Latin. Been searching for it for ages. Thank you.

Comment by Siva

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