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Hūng Cuōng & Mai Lệ Huyên̅

Thiên Duyên Tièn Định

One of the more frustrating things about the internet, is that sometimes there is too much information. But you can’t find the answer to your question, being led in about a billion directions at once. What you were looking for could right under you nose… But you would have no idea. Even if you are able to find a fragment of some kind of information, you may not be able to decipher it.

Researching the music of Vietnam on the web is a good example of this. There is almost no information in the way of biographies or articles from that time period (1963 – 1975). But then you can find literally hundreds of videos on YouTube and DailyMotion. And it doesn’t help that you almost have to already know Vietnamese to be able to use the online translation program.

But since the last posting on Hūng Cuōng, some information has turned up. Apparently, he is alive and well living in “Little Saigon” (not sure if that is the Orange County “Little Saigon” or the San Jose “Little Saigon”), California in the United States. His granddaughter and grandson have also started a MySpace page for him. He still performs live, occasionally with Mai Lệ Huyȇn̅ . They even have re-recorded this song, and made a video for it.

Other than that, all I have be able to find are some great songs by both Hūng Cuōng and Mai Lệ Huyȇn̅, played over footage of the South Vietnamese Military here and here.

Thanks to Greg McWhorter for the information.

Catalog number M.3671.72 on Viet Nam Records. No release date listed.


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sorry to burst your bubble, but Hung Cuong passed away during the 90’s.

Comment by Jeff Tran

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