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Omnya (Peace Band)
February 21, 2009, 10:32 pm
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Writing about music, at least for me, is a somewhat laborious process. It is definitely much less enjoyable than actually just listening to it. Even though in high school I was voted most likely to write for Rolling Stone, I’ve always thought that my writing skills were… Well, let’s just say it could use some work. But I keep slugging away at it, like a monkey with a typewriter.

For the most part, in these posts I try not to pass judgment on the music. I usually try to find as much information as I can, slap it all together, and voila – another post is hurled into cyberspace. Although I do think that the historical and geographical context is important and can temper the listener’s opinion, I believe that the music pretty much speaks for itself. But there are many times when I get a record and have nothing to go on. I start searching the interwebs, e-mailing a few contacts… Nothing. What then?

Unlike the record that I thought was from there, I am pretty sure that these guys were actually from Tunisia. The record was self released with no information about where the songs were recorded, or the address of the label that released it – only a phone number. On the back, it lists the musicians including the principle singer / songwriter “Mahjoub H.”, who also released the record. The only real clue, is that it says “Presse Ennagham” on the bottom of the back cover. Disques Ennagham was a Tunisian label that had their own pressing plant. Other than that, I know the band’s name, Omnya, translates as “Hope”, but song title “Yendam” means “Regret”.

Thanks to Alan Bishop, Anis Bousbia and Hicham Chadly for their help. If you any information about the band, please contact me.

Catalog number A. 77 001 on Omnya, pressed by Disques Ennagham of Tunisia, released 1977.



Nice posts. Maybe S. Frequencies will release an Arabic/North Africa compilation in the future.

Comment by Paul Owens

bonjour j etais bassiste de peace band de 1975 1976 j ai des photos

Comment by jean pierre

cc, mon pére est lorganiste dans peace band , et ses le dernier personne dans cette image qui porte une chemise blanc !:! si tu veux le contacter !!!
dans cette adresse
merci pour votre e-mail!! by

Comment by dadou

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