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Mavi Çocuklar
November 8, 2009, 8:32 am
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Develi Daylar

Mavi Çocuklar, or Blue Boys, were the winners of 1967’s Altin Mikrofon contest. The contest, which translates as Golden Microphone, was held by Hürriyet – the largest newspaper in Istanbul. The contest was held from 1965 to 1968, and the records that were released as a result of the competition is one of the reasons why the Turkish Rock / Beat scene flourished and has also been so well documented.

The winning song for Mavi Çocuklar was Develi Daylar. The title was in reference to the phrase “cek deveci develeri”, which translates as “cameldriver get the camels out of here”. So the story goes, the band built a large wooden camel to put on stage for their performance in the contest. But they had to take a taxi to where the concert was to be held, which was in the suburb of Bakırköy. So they strapped the camel to the top of their cab and off they went.

The band was more known as a dance band, playing “Samba-swing-oriental” music at the Istanbul Hilton. Their first single was released in 1965, and after their win of the Altin Mikrofon contest in 1967, the band “quietly disappeared”. During their brief existence, they had two singers – Okan Dincer and Marthen Yorgantz. Of the other members, the drummer went by the name “Tirtil” – which means new born butterfly – and the piano / organ player went by “Garbo”… Beyond that, not much is know about the band.

Catalog number H-020 on Altin Mikrofon of Turkey, released 1967.

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