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The Three’ngers
November 29, 2009, 6:58 am
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מי מפחד מגברת לוין

מי אם לא אלוהים

Military service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is mandatory, with some exceptions, for all Israeli citizens over the age of 18. But unlike most other countries’ armies, the IDF has had performing groups called Lehakot Tsva’iyot (Army Ensembles) since the 1950s. These groups, comprising soldiers with talent or performing experience, tour bases and field positions to entertain the troops. Every Israeli musician of the 1960s was a product of this system, including Arik Einstein, Shula Chen, and Shalom Hanoch, to name a few.

Shalom Hanoch (also seen spelled Chanoch and Hanokh) was born in Mishmarot, and stared writing and performing at a young age. By the time he was 19, he had a song recorded by folk duo Hedva and David. In 1966, he began his compulsory military service and joined the Infantry Brigade troupe, the Nahal Band. It was during his time with the Nahal Band that he caught the attention of Arik Einstein, who asked Shalom to write for him.

Around this time, Shalom formed The Three’ngers – or Three Singers – with Benny Amdursky and Hanan Yovel. Their only album from 1969, featured Danny Sandersson of Kaveret (a.k.a. Poogy) on guitar and Aharale Kaminsky on drums. The album also showcased a roster of who’s who of Israeli song writers: Dani Litani, Shimrith Or, Ya’akov Rotblit, Yair Rosenblum, Yaron London and Yehonatan Geffen.

The following year, Hanoch teamed up with Einstein to write two albums – Shablul (Snail) and Plastelina (Plasticine). The former was billed as an Arik Einstein album, with all compositions by Hanoch; the latter was credited to both. The next year, Shalom moved to England “without connections or a firm grasp of the English language“. He soon found management with Dick James, and recorded the album Shalom with Elton John‘s backing band. In 1973, he returned to Israel to form the band Tamouz. Although that band also only release one album, it was considered a milestone of Israeli Rock and Roll.

After the demise of Tamouz, Shalom Hanoch has remained a solo artist. He continues to record and perform to this day.

Catalog number BAN 14100 on Hed Arzi Ltd. of Israel, released 1969.

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