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December 6, 2009, 9:15 am
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Wo Tjal Ni Tjo Jew

Kroncong (also seen spelled: Keroncong, Kerontjong, Kronchong, Krontjong) is the name of a ukulele-type instrument and an Indonesian musical style that typically makes use of the kroncong, a flute, and a female singer. The small kroncong guitar itself is related to the Portuguese cavaquinho, as is the Hawaiian ukulele. The roots of Kroncong music can be traced to Portuguese Fado, having originated in the communities of freed Portuguese slaves in the 16th in Batavia – now known as Jakarta, Indonesia.

During the 1960s, Pop Keroncong emerged in an attempt to modernize the genre by adding electric guitars, keyboards and drums. The most popular singers of that time were Hetty Koes Endang and Mus Mulyadi. Meanwhile, backing bands like The Steps and Band 4 Nada – who were already recording Instrumentalia albums – started making instrumental Kroncong records.

Eka Sapta formed as an instrumental backing band in 1963. From the beginning, they were influenced by The Shadows and The Ventures. Their first album was released the following year, baking up a number of singers, including Lilis Suryani and Elly Kasim. The band became one of the most sought after backing bands, recording albums with Inneke Kusumawati, Sitompul Bersaudara and others. Their last record was released in 1975.

While the band had many members over the years – there are nine people credited as being in the band on this album – two of which were guitarists Jopie Item and Entang. Jopie Item was in Trio Bintang and may or may not have been in Band 4 Nada. Entang had a solo career, backing up the Pattie Bersaudara, as well as others.

The band supposedly reformed in 2007. Other than a lone article, I have not been able to find any other evidence to support that fact.

Catalog number CLP 17003 on Canary Records of Indonesia, released 1970.



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Comment by icastico

I am very pleased to know that the name ”Eka Sapta”,still
exist , because I was the first guitarist when the band was
formed ,my name is Itje Kumaunang and I live in Holland
Once I have told to Benny Mustafa that ”Eka Sapta”will never
die ,it seems to becoming true.
My best regards to Ireng ,Kiboud ,Benny and (of course)
Eka Sapta.

Comment by E.R.Cumaunang.

jopi r. item was the bandleader with Band 4 Nada before A. Ryanto came in and became their bandleader…. I’m doing a little special about Jopi R. Item on my blog, he’s absolutely incredible, they way he could make pop albums sound, albums that would otherwise have been quiet mediocre, he just made those albums fire, just check his album with inneke kusumawati and his old band De Galaxies, just phenomenal and I think the only guy who was at that level, back in the late 60’s, making pop music/rock n roll sound like that was Enteng Tanamal….

Comment by Henk Madrotter

I’m very glad to have information on Itje Kumaunang, the guitarist I always admire. Could you give me his e-mail address?

Comment by Muhammad R

Dear Muhammad R.the email address of Itje Kumaunang=
This address is send to you by Itje himself,

Comment by Eduard Cumaunang

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