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Figen Han
April 25, 2010, 1:05 am
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Haydi Bastır

The same cultural shifts in Turkey that brought about Anatolian Rock, also gave birth to a film industry that was… Well, let’s just say produced some rather racy films for a country that is 99% Muslim. Known as seks filmler. these films – which ranged from soft- to mid-hardcore pornographic – were produced from the late1960s until the end of the 1980s. But if it were not for the country’s policy of secularism, or laïcité, these films would have most likely never have been made.

Apparently, it was a common view of film producers of the time that films were shot not as parts of a single work but as source material for production of multiple films. Erotic scenes, especially, were often cut and pasted to assemble new films from various parts of existing ones. This peculiar practice was called “parça” (“fragment”), and the term was extended into the movie theaters themselves to include the practice by the projectionists of inserting hardcore material, which was European most of the time, into Turkish erotic films.

Whereas Figin Han may not have been the most famous seks filmler actress, she supposedly was the most infamous, and retains a cult following to this day. Other actresses of the time include Feri Cansel, Zerrin Doğan, Zerrin Egeliler and Arzu Okay. This single was her only foray in to music, perhaps in attempt to make her seem more like Bridget Bardot.

Catalog number SP / 73 on Saner records of Turkey. No release date listed.



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Comment by paranormale

Seks filmler is a wrong term,it should seks filmleri,this is not a specific term for 70’s Turkish erotic movies,this is just mean sex movies or sex films.

I think ther track on this 45 has more interesting sound.


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