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Ernie Djohan & The Bees 5
May 23, 2010, 5:26 am
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Kampong Nah Djauh Di-Mato

Ernie Djohan was born on April 6th in Indonesia. She was the daughter of M. Djohan Bakhaharudin, and spent much of her youth in Den Haag, the Netherlands and Singapore. In 1962, she began her singing career for Radio Talentime in Singapore in 1962. That same year, she won the All Singapore’s School Talentime and recorded her first record for Philips Recording Company. In 1966, she became the first Indonesian artist to go Platinum with the song “Teluk Bayur” and starred in her first film Belaian Kasih.

Ernie continues to perform across Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and – as well as a recent performance in Geneva, Switzerland – to this day.

You can find a gallery of her early singles at Toshi’s A Go Go Asian 60’s Beat • Pretty Flamingo 2 site and a few of her albums and videos at the mind-bogglingly endless Madrotter blog.

Catalog number PMT/MEP/51/67 on The P. M. T. Organisation of Malaysia. No release date listed.



Lovely. Thanks.

FYI -some Indonesian treasures up over at Holy Warbles

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very interesting.. The Bees 5 was a Malaysian band I believe.. : )

Comment by carlito

Oops, i mean a SIngapore band

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