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Professeur Kakino de Paz

Teksim Rasd

Information is not static… Especially when the internet is your primary source.

When I first got this record, I could not find anything on the good Professeur. I e-mailed a few of my contacts, and they turned up nothing. Then when I sat down to write this post, out of nowhere – Voila! A Wikipedia post magically appears (en français, bien sûr).

Kakino Isaac de Paz was born on July 12th, 1919 in the Ariana region of Tunisia. After losing his site at a young age, he immersed himself in music and became a virtuoso on accordion, piano, qanún (zither), oud and violin. In 1946, Kakino joined the Tunis Municipal Orchestra and the Orchestra of La Rachidia. Three years later, he became conductor of a weekly radio program on Radio Tunis. In 1956, Kakino moved to Paris where he worked with Enrico Macias and Brigitte Fontaine – to name a few. He continued to live and work in Paris until his death December 7th of 1983.

Catalog number 1060 on Sono L’Aube of Paris, France. No release date listed.

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thank you very much for all yr work here … i’ve heard so much wild tunes that is new to me

Comment by p.

Dommage le teksim n’est pas à la bonne vitesse

Comment by david de paz

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