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Accordion Own Kyaw
July 10, 2010, 8:23 pm
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Seinn Leh Meay Hlwa

The Golden Triangle is one of the Asian continent‘s two main opium-producing areas. It is an area that overlaps the mountains of four countries of Southeast Asia: Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Along with Afghanistan and Pakistan in the Golden Crescent, it has been one of the most extensive opium-producing areas of the world since the 1920s. Most of the world’s heroin came from the Golden Triangle until the early 21st century when Afghanistan became the world’s largest producer.

With the exception of Thailand – where records apparently grow on trees – finding vinyl in the other three countries is not that easy. For the former French Indochina countries – Laos and Vietnam (as well as neighboring Cambodia) – the wars and eventual spread of Communism led to the destruction of any recordings that were influenced by Western music. But for Burma, it was a different story altogether.

For the most part, there were no recordings available from Burma between the demise of the 78 format – which for parts of Asia were still produced well into the 60s – until cassettes came along in the 70s. Somehow, the country managed to skip the LP format entirely and 45 singles are extremely rare.

There is no information available for Accordion Own Kyaw. The song’s title Seinn Leh Meay Hlwa translates as “Greenish Colored Soil”. If you have any further information, please contact me or leave a comment.

Many thanks to Ni Ni Aye for translating the Burmese.

Catalog number HRC-008 / EX-2370 on Hinn Tha Ta Rice Dealer Limited of Burma. No other information available.

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Very nice. I loved the anthology of pop rock from the golden triangle of sublime frequencies. This is very different but very good as well. I wonder when this was recorded.

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