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Pimma Pimmasom
September 11, 2010, 10:57 pm
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Suk San Wan Pbee Mai

I just got this single today, so I’m sure the translation is wrong and will have to be corrected later… I wanted to post it anyway just because Laos is such a blank slate, even though it really doesn’t fit in here…

As I have mentioned before, compared to their neighbors – Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, even Burma – no one really ever mentions Laos. Even amongst my fellow record collectors – um, I mean fellow archivists – there just isn’t a whole lot of information. The general censuses was that there wasn’t anything, and what little of what may have been was most likely destroyed by the Pathet Lao after they overthrew the government. But that seems to not be the case.

I was recently contacted by Chanthara Outhensackda. He is the gentleman on the cover of the first single from Laos that I posted back in September 2007. He was head of the studio for Lao National Radio from 1968 to 1975 in Vientiane. And, he recorded all of his songs in Laos – not in Thailand as some people have speculated. So there was something going on there. Some of which, you can listen to here.

Catalog number KSD 6604 on the Sat-Dtree Laos label. No other information available.



hey stuart, great post!
your transliteration looks fine! the title means “happy new year”.. this song is a ramwong (“lamvong” in lao) for the new year, and is still a popular tune today.. great to hear a much older (possibly original!) recording.. thanks as always!

Comment by peter

very good tune, voice and trumpet too mash perfectly on this sinuous melody

Comment by Jac d.

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