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Os Bongos
October 16, 2010, 5:04 pm
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Missangas Na Cabaça

The music of Angola usually does not get the attention that many other African countries receive. The music is a mix of influences from Congolese music from their northern neighbors, Portuguese Fado and Latin Merengue, as well as Cuban and American Jazz. The result can be heard in Angolan merengue (based on Dominican merengue), kilapanda and semba – the last being a genre with roots intertwined with that of Brazilian samba music.

Os Bongos have been featured on a three compilations. The song “Lena” can be found on Soul of Angola: Anthology 1965/1975 and “Kazucuta” appears on the album Angola 70s: 1974-1978 – both on Stern’s Music. “Kazucuta”, as well as the song “Pachanga Maria”, will be on the upcoming compilation Angola Soundtrack on Analog Africa. The only information I was able to find on the band, is from the press release for Angola Soundtrack: “Boto Trindade, guitarist of Os Bongos, abandoned his dream of becoming a football player to support his brother’s family by earning money as a musician.” Having seen the other packaging for previous Analog Africa releases, I am sure that the booklet that will accompany this compilation will have plenty of information…

Catalog number R: 1207 on Rebita, pressed by Fadiang (also known as Rádio Reparadora do Bié) in Silva Porto for Discoteca de Angola in Luanda. No release date listed.



I first got into the music of Angola when I discovered this 6 disc compilation on Rhapsody: 100 songs from the 60’s and 70’s on difference records.

Well worth checking out. Os Bongos, however, is new to me…thanks.

Comment by icastico

Yet another great tune. The rhythm flows so beautifully. Love the subtle wah wah. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by sean

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