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İskender Doğan
October 23, 2010, 6:32 pm
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Just the other night, I was talking with a fellow record collector – err, I mean archivist – and he was lamenting about how record hunting – I mean researching, researching – has become more competitive and that the prices for these records – Sorry, research materials has gotten out of control. There are more and more people searching for these unheard sounds. Due to onslaught of re-issues and compilations, as well as websites like this one, folks have been turned on to something they never knew even existed before.

Hell, I’m guilty. Only about five years ago, I had barely an inkling of what was out there. I had picked up a few compilations here and there, and then the next thing I know I’m blowing my whole paycheck on eBay. One of the first compilations that clued me in – if not the first – was Grey Past’s Turkish Delights.

Turkey seems to be the gateway drug I mean country for record collectors. For many, it seems to be where the record collecting bug emanates from – and for good reason, too. Turkey is quite unique due to the fact that, besides being crossroads between Europe and Asia, the population is 99.83% Muslim and yet they have a secular democracy. Add in a thriving music scene in the 60s and 70s that was fueled by annual Battle of the Bands which were promoted and funded by the local newspaper. Thanks to all of these factors, there is a seemingly endless supply of amazing records from Turkey.

As for İskender Doğan, I see that he has a Facebook page

Catalog number A. K. 44 on 1 Numara Records of Turkey. No release date listed.




Comment by Carl Howard

Love it! The music and your summary.

Comment by sean

Stand out track…love the opening.

Comment by icastico

i would love to hear the rest of this album! what a great recording…

Comment by amril

The year of release is 1975. Günahsizlar was an entry in the Turkish preselection for Eurovision that year. Mahizer is though a much better track I think! 🙂

Comment by Rickard

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