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Dorothy & The Vampires
October 30, 2010, 1:14 pm
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Back in October of 2007, I posted a single by The Vampires of Singapore. I did not have any information back then, but I have since been contacted by one of the members of the band. Her name is Connie Fong. We did a little e-mail interview back in July of last year.

Radiodiffusion Internasionaal Which instrument did you play?

Connie Fong I played the guitar.

RI Do you remember when the band first got together?

CF 1964/5 when we met as music students under Harry Martinez (Harry also formed several boys band those days).

RI Do you recall how the band decided to call themselves The Vampires?

CF There was another all-girl band named ‘Angels’ at that time, and we cheekily decided to be different

RI I know that the band recorded two singles, the one that I have posted on my site and the one on Philips that is by Dorothy & The Vampires. Did the band record any other singles?

CF No, those were the only two recordings we did.

RI Is there any reason that the second single was credited as Dorothy & The Vampires versus just The Vampires?

CF No reason I believe, as everything were arranged by our mentor and manager, Harry Martinez. The other single recorded by Philips was all instrumental with all the titles composed by Harry, therefore Dorothy was not featured in that single.

RI When did the band decided to break up?

CF There was no breaking up, we are still friends except that we grew tired going for our regular band practices and after playing together for five years.

RI Did you play in any other bands? Did they release any recordings?

CF No.

RI I am guessing from your e-mail address that you are back in Singapore now, right?

CF Yes.

RI Have you stayed in touch with any of the other members? If so, do you know if they stayed in Singapore, or moved away?

CF Yes, they are all in Singapore except Dorothy Sin, I don¹t know her where about, have lost touch with her.

Catalog number 43802 QE on Philips. No release date listed.


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This is so great!!! thanks for posting this interview — i always love hearing the stories from the band members themselves!

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