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November 13, 2010, 3:48 pm
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Takassim Nº 1

Takassim Nº 2

On the Wikipedia page for the Music of Morocco, under the tab for Chaabi, it says:

“A sophisticated form of chaabi evolved in the 1970s competing with popular Egyptian and Lebanese music. These chaabi groups consisted of a lute and a hadjuj, with some form of drum. Eventually, new instruments like buzuks and electric guitars were added. The three most important early groups were Lemchaheb, Nass El Ghiwane and Jil Jilala. All three bands featured politicized lyrics that got the songwriters in trouble with the government.”

Although they are listed first, there is no entry for Lemchaheb on Wikipedia…

Lemchaheb was formed in Casablanca by Moulay Chérif Lamrani. Chérif had previously been a band called Sound of Today that performed Moroccan songs with Western instruments. The group was assembled by Mohamed Bakhti – who was a member of Nass El Ghiwane – and was a music teacher. He introduced Chérif to members of a band called Tyour Ghourba (Birds of Exile) from Marrakech. After trying out the names Khatou Khatou (Step) and Les Étoiles Filantes (Shooting Stars), the band finally settled on Lemchaheb – which supposedly translates as either “glowing bars on which bread is baked in the oven” or “torches that mountains inhabitants made to scare animals and keep them far from the village” – in 1973. Chérif, who had been a cartoonist, designed the groups stage outfits and concert posters. Their early tours of Europe were financed by Radiodiffusion Télévision Marocaine. The band went through many line ups, and continued performing up until 2002. Moulay Chérif Lamrani passed away in October of 2004.

These two tracks are known as “takassim” or “solo”. They are the last tracks on Side A and Side B, and are unlisted.

The majority of this information came from the Lemchaheb Blogspot and a fan MySpace page.

Catalog number 2396 202 on Polydor Records of Morocco, released 1978



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