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The I. T. C. Sextet
December 5, 2010, 9:21 am
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Bailar Cha-Cha-Cha

If Mama Knows

This week’s guest post is by Omer Nuriel. Omer is a longtime record collector specializing in Israeli 60’s beat garage psych music: In his website he tells the story of rare Israeli record pressings. If you have any interesting records or cassettes that you wish to share from some of the countries that we have yet to hear from – or countries that we need to hear more from – please get in touch.

The I. T. C. Sextet EP is one of the most obscure records released in Israel. Because the Sextet guys are not from Israel, it is very hard to dig here for their roots. There is very little information on this private press release, believed to be a mid-late 60’s release.

The six young men whose songs are recorded on this 4 track EP were part of an international studies program that took place at Ort Natanya in Israel. The program trained the students to be instructors for agro-mechanics, mechanics, carpentry and electro-mechanis. They came from Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast and many other countries.

At their free time after the studies, these students used to sing and play together and out of these unformal jam sessions The I. T. C. Sextet was formed.

The music of The I. T. C. Sextet was a combination of Rumba, Twist, Cha Cha and Bolero in African style.

This not common in Israel where the dominating music style was more folk oriented at that times (groups like Uzi, The Lions of Juda were considered as underground music).

The rumor of this colourful and unique group playing at the ORT School spread wings quickly and they had some local success in the Natanyah area.

The EP was recorded when the group members finished their studies just before they left for their native countries.

It was privately released in a small edition (no official number but anything between 200-500 copies is reasonable).

All four tracks on this EP are original compositions: Bailar Cha-Cha-Cha (Alphonse) / Lelo Oyo (Paul) / Rumba Mimi (Alphonse) / If Mama Knows (Mintah & Alphonse).

Group members were:
Alphonse Halet – guitar solo
Atto Luc Valere – rhythm guitar
Barthelemy Bacliabio – singer
Paul Makge – singer
Mintah Osei K. – singer
Georges Paraiso

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