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Moon Stars
January 8, 2011, 11:12 pm
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Wait. Where was I? Oh yeah… I was going to make some kind of tenuous connection between studio musicians and elevator music and tie in the fact that I just started reading Joseph Lanza’s “Elevator Music: A Surreal History of Muzak, Easy-Listening, and Other Moodsong” (Which, so far, is much more entertaining than the last book I read: Simon Reynolds’ “Rip It Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-1984” [Spoiler Alert: Gang of Four were apparently responsible for everything] and way more enjoyable than anything by the coma inducing Peter Manuel¹ {Sorry to wander off in to Rev. Nørb territory here… (And yes, I do realize that 98% of the people who are reading this will not get that reference [And for that 2% of you who were reading MMR in the early 90s – Huzzah and kudos to you.].).}.). But instead, you get this:

Moon Stars were – like their label mates The New Wave – most likely a studio creation of their record label – New Wave Recording Company. If you have any further information, please contact me or leave a comment.

Catalog number NWLP 9, released by the New Wave Recording Company of Hong Kong. No other information available.

¹ Please see Mack Hagood’s comment regarding Peter Manuel below.



I’m probably one of the few people who occupy the middle of the Venn diagram of The Last Three Books Stuart Read. I agree that Lanza is great and perhaps more fun to read than the Reynolds. The hit on Manuel is unfair, though. That’s a straight academic work that tries to account for the roles of new media in global ethnic musics–written back when “new media” meant cassettes. If you of all people don’t find that book useful (not “fun,” mind you), then I don’t know who would! (And I’m not just saying this because I’m the one who recommended it to you. Well, OK, maybe that’s part of it.)

Very groovy album cover.

Comment by Mack

I’m a Japanese guy so I can’t speak Chinese much,
but it seems an album of Hong Kong’s ‘Apollo Guitar Band’
titled ‘Moon Stars’.
the sleeve jacket says ‘The Apollo Guitar Band plays electric guitar music’.

Comment by Someone

“一吻定情” is a famous Japanese hit song by 橋幸夫 Yukio Hashi titled
“恋をするなら” Koi Wo Surunara (If You Fall in Love) 1964.
The Astronauts from the U.S. surf band had covered it in 1965.

Comment by Someone

Love this blog. Also… I was reading MRR in the 90’s. So Norb out if you need to.

Comment by joshua

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