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Hnin Maung
February 5, 2011, 9:26 pm
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Salt Bottle and The Three Mangosteens [side one]

Salt Bottle and The Three Mangosteens [side two]

When most people think of radio dramas, black and white images of families sitting around a huge old radio come to mind. In regions were televisions were not readily available and movie theaters were few and far between, these programs were the main source of entertainment – outside of music. But whereas their production here in the States has just about become non-existent, they still are produced in many other countries across the globe to this day.

In Burma, one of the most popular characters was, and still is, detective “SarPalin” Hnin Maung – who was created by Min Thain Kha. The detective was given the nickname “SarPalin” – meaning “Salt Bottle” – because it was essential that he be assigned to every case to solve as salt is essential to every dish to make it taste right. The character has been featured not only in radio dramas, but also in books and at least one film.

Many thanks to Ni Ni Aye for the information and translation.

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Warning: These tracks have been converted to mono to reduce the file size, but are still quite large and may take some time to download.

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