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Pomo bersama The Pro’s
November 7, 2021, 1:00 am
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Sang Kodok

Pomo bersama The Pro’s were from Indonesia.

Pomo – which is short for Soepomo – was the singer and played saxophone on this record. They recorded at least one other single together. Pomo’s only other recording is an album with a band called The Eternals before a brief stint in The Rollies – although there is no mention of him on The Rollies Wikipedia entry

The Pros’s were: Abadi Soesman (keyboards), Broery Marantika (vocals, keyboards), Dimas Wahab (bass),  Enteng Tanamal (guitar), Fuad Hasan (drums), Ronny Makasutji (guitar). I am guessing this is a list of everyone who had played in the band since this single only had four people plus Pomo pictured on the back cover. Abadi Soesman currently plays in a band called God Bless that has been active since 1973. Broery Marantika – more commonly know as just Broery – had a lengthy career, recording up until his death in 2000. He recorded two albums with The Pro’s backing him. And Enteng Tanamal played in Eka Sapta and recorded a solo single.

Catalog number SSE 523 on Star Swan of Singapore. Released 1968.

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