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Ace of Spades
August 7, 2022, 1:00 am
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Keep It Top Secret

Daniel Ian Mbaezue was born in the village of Umuezeawala, Nigeria. In 1966 he started his first musical project, called The Spades. The following year, the governor of the Eastern Region Biafra declared independence from Nigeria. During this period, Dan Ian often played for soldiers and the band was renamed Biafran Air Force Wings – later shortened to The Wings.

In 1971 Dan Ian moved to Lagos to play with Sonny Okosun’s backing band Paperback Limited. By following year, he had left and formed his own band Wrinkar Experience. The band only lasted six months and recorded three singles – one being “Sound Way” which Miles Cleret would later adopt for the name of his record label.

After leaving Wrinkar Experience, Dan Ian went back to playing with Sonny Okosun as well as forming Dan Ian & The Spades.. This single was most likely recorded during this period.

Catalog number HNS 1552 on His Master’s Voice of Nigeria. No release date listed.

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