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Voz De Cabo Verde
June 24, 2008, 8:06 pm
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Frá Broque

While all of the members of Voz De Cabo Verde were originally from tiny island nation of Cape Verde, the band actually formed in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands in 1966. Although, I have also read that the band may have originally formed in Dakar, Senegal before relocating to the Netherlands.

The original line up consisted of Luis Morais (saxophone, clarinet), Morgadinho (trumpet, vocals, bass guitar), Franck Cavaquinho (drums), Toy Ramos (guitar), Jean da Lomba (bass guitar). The singer Djosinha joined the group in 1967, then pianisteorganist Chico Serra in early 1968.

For four years, the group was based in Rotterdam, but they toured regularly in the Benelux countries, France, Portugal, and America. They also played in many of the Portuguese speaking countries of Africa, including several tours in Cape Verde.

Le groupe se sépare en 1970.The group broke up in 1970, but reformed in 2002 with the original members (except Cavaquinho Frank died a few years earlier) in Lisbon, Portugal. This only lasted a few months, before Luis Morais turned up missing.

Catalog number 113 482 F on their own Voz De Cabo Verde label. No other information is available.