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November 28, 2021, 1:00 am
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Our Camel Lovely Camel /هيدو

I told myself I wasn’t going to buy this single, but the song got stuck in my head. So, now it can get stuck in yours. Here’s the story behind the song:

Back in October 1981 Kuwait was playing a world cup qualifying match in Auckland, New Zealand where the Kiwi fans had signs reading “Go back to your camels!” which they were waving as the Kuwaiti team came onto the field. Kuwait won that match 2 goals to 1.

When it was the home game later that year, 100 camels were brought on the pitch before the match to show that Kuwait was proud of its past.

Kuwait ended up qualifying to the 1982 world Cup in Spain and was the first Arab country from Asia to ever qualify. A Spanish newspaper later claimed that the Kuwait national team will be late to the World Cup because they would be “traveling on the backs of their camels!”. So, the Kuwaiti Football Association decided to use a camel – named Haydoo – as their mascot.

Unlike the newspaper had predicted, the Kuwaiti team ended up arriving early. Too early actually and no one, not the journalists or the locals knew that the Kuwaiti team was even in Spain! To attract attention, the head of the Kuwaiti Football Association told a French journalist who there to cover the arrival of the French team that “The Kuwaiti team would withdraw from the competition unless they were allowed to bring their mascot.” Within hours the hotel was packed with journalists wanting to find out more about the mascot

The Spanish authorities and the hotel manager finally allowed the Kuwaiti team to bring their camel as long as it was left in the backyard of the hotel. The head of the Kuwaiti Football Association then called the minister of sport in Morroco to send a camel as soon as possible to Spain. He also ordered a T-shirt to be made for the camel. This hype and the Camel mascot helped make Kuwait’s presence extremely felt by the locals and journalists.

Haydoo, has been the mascot for the Kuwaiti national team ever since. [Source]

Catalog number BUZ 30 on Bou Zaid Phone of Kuwait, released 1982.

فرقة التلفزيون للفنون
February 13, 2012, 1:36 pm
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Wow. A year later. Sorry for the long delay…

The traditional music of Kuwait had been well documented up until the Persian Gulf War, when Iraq invaded the country and destroyed much of their archives. Nevertheless, Kuwait has retained a vital music industry, both long before the war and after. Kuwaiti music reflects the diverse influences of many peoples on the culture of Kuwait, including East African and Indian music.

Most of the citizens of Kuwait know Firqat Al-Telvizyon as “The TV Band”. They are the official band of Kuwait Television, in conjunction with the Ministry of Information. Their purpose is to record and perform all genres of folk music in order to preserve Kuwait’s musical traditions. Although the band members have changed over the years, they are currently still active and have a vast discography.

Thanks to Fatima Al Qadiri for the translation and information.

Catalog Number 03 BUZ 26 on Bou Zaid Phone of Kuwait. Released 1980.