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Les Pépitos et Leur Ensemble
August 1, 2021, 5:36 am
Filed under: Réunion

Bada Badounnba Oh ! Ya

This is one of those records where you have to wonder, did the guitarist show up for the wrong recording session? Or did the guy they were going to have play guitar not show up, and they grabbed someone else at the last minute. Who knows? But records like this is what I live for.

Les Pépitos – also seen listed as Pépitos Sound – recorded a total of nine singles. With the exception on one recorded for Disques Capricorne of Mauritius – the rest were for Disques Issa. Another song off this single – “B. B. Gasy” – was featured on Strut‘s compilation entitled Alefa Madagascar.

Catalog number 15014 on Disques Issa of Saint-Denis, Réunion. No release date listed.